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Travel suitcase on wheels
The suitcase is different from a bag that he usually has a rigid frame (sometimes tough and walls) and the hinged cover. Travel bag on wheels, too, may have a rigid structure, but it opens from the top.
Travel bag or suitcase
Benefits of such models are undeniable: they are always quite roomy, thanks to the solid frame fragile things they do not crumple and do not break, and most importantly - they go on wheels. The main advantage of road suitcases on wheels is that the traveler does not have to carry heavy loads.
The disadvantages are also obvious - a travel bag can not be folded up and put in a corner. It requires a special place for permanent storage while not in use.
How to choose a bag or suitcase on wheels
Choosing a suitcase, remember that it must have three handles: pull-out and two small fabric carrying the steps or over obstacles on the road.

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If there is only a retractable handle - the model is not the most reliable. Fabric handles should be riveted or firmly stitched thread kapron. Travel suitcases and bags on wheels are usually very roomy, and therefore, they will be heavy during the journey.
Note the placement of the wheels. It is best if the suitcase wheels are attached separately, and each rotate in opposite directions. Wheels and bearings must be made of steel. What would have told you about the fact that plastic is lighter than metal, but he is very strong - it is not enough compelling argument. When loaded the suitcase weighs 40 kilograms, it does not matter how much it weighs wheels - 500 grams or 800, it is important that they are not cracked.

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